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TAYUN 7Moons SK90 ANC Bluetooth Headset(150mAh)

TAYUN 7Moons SK90 ANC Bluetooth Headset(150mAh)
TAYUN 7Moons SK90 ANC Bluetooth Headset(150mAh)
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TAYUN SK90 ANC Bluetooth Headset(150mAh)
Product model SK90
Bluetooth Version 5.0
Bluetooth chip BES2300Z
Apple, Android, Microsoft, all Bluetooth audio playback devices
Communication distance ≥ 10M
The speaker is 13.98 mm
Working hours range from 8 to 14Hours
Product features
Voice Assistant All mobile phone voice assistants are supported
ANC noise reduction support with an average depth of 28dB
USB charging support
Instructions for
Button pressing
Long press the on/off button for 3 seconds
Long press the on/off button for 3 seconds
Press for 3 seconds to start the device at the first connection, and then keep pressing for 3 seconds to match; only listen to the prompts of pairing; red and blue lights flash alternately
The shuo enters pairing mode and the device turns on Bluetooth to search for SK90 connection.
ANC mode switches ANC button, and the white light comes onPress the pause/play switch button once
The voice assistant switches the machine key on and off twiceLong press the last ""-""
Long press ""+"" for the next song
Volume down ""-"" short press once
Long press ""+"" for volume
Press the machine button once to answer the phone
Press the machine button on/off the phone once
The package consists of a pair of headphones, charging pod *1, instruction *1, charging cable *1
Package size and weight: 190mm*220mm*50mm, 345g

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