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1pc Neutral Glass Tube for Wotofo Profile RDTA Atomizer, It features 6.2ml capacity.Unit: 1 SetCapacity: 6.2mlPackage: Simple PackingSave Money Instructions: 1.Get discount coupon codes before completing the order. 2.Save shipping fee, learn more about our Free Shipping Program. 3.Redeem your reward..
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The Mesh Style Coils 0.18ohm for Wotofo Profile RDA Atomizer is made from Kanthal A1 heating material in resistance of 0.18ohm, best performing wattage range from 40W to 60W.Brand: WotofoUnit: 1SetPackage: Simple PackingShipping method:Please check here for details.Warranty: Please refer to Warranty..
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NEXMESH Clapton NI80 + A1 0.20 ohmsThe Claptonized mesh or the mesh-style Clapton you could say . Creative meshing with quality wire , more contact surface for e-liquid , and mixed Clapton heating eatures , all of these just make the nex MESH Clapton a unique bad boy for huge vapor and amazing flavo..
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Tips: To cater to more vapers, 3 options of mesh coil have been included:nexMESH CHILL, nexMESH TURBO, and nexMESH EXTREME.Please note that the new mesh is not interchangeable with the original Profile RDA mesh in that its 1.4 times the area of the original one.As the heating core, mesh plays an imp..
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Wotofo Ni80 Alien Prebuilt Coils are finely crafted coils twisted with machine-like precision for those that are looking to save time in rebuilding, available in a myriad of advanced configurations for immediate sophisticated RDA set-up. Using the highest grade of materials increases durability and ..
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Wotofo Ni80 Competition Wire 300 feet/spool are designed to be small and portable and premium quality wires are annealed so they are easy to handle and cut. Featured with faster ramping up, easy to work and holding shapes, Wotofo Ni90 Competition Wire is really the best choice for the DIYers. It is ..
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The Wotofo Profile 1.5 RDA is the stronger, richer flavor interpreter upgraded from the Profile RDA that you know and love. It is 24mm in diameter and uses 510 pin for connection. Powered by nexMESH Technology, the Profile 1.5 can cater to a broader range of needs for different vapers with three mes..
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Mesh heating element has been said to be the unshaken trend in vaping, even for RDA category. Not too long ago, our mesh coil head product has proven it to be true. Mesh style coils can give better flavor experience in various ways. This time, we bring to you the juice taster RDA, the Profile RDA, d..
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We are now introducing to you wotofo new Profile member--the Profile RDTA !Being the RDTA version of the popular Profile RDA , the Profile RDTA is sure to live up to you flavor chasers'expectations. It improves RDTA juice transfer from bottom to top by using 4 stainless steel wicks , and it can be u..
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Wotofo newly launched Profile Unity RTA. It's a collaborative success by Wotofo, MrJustRight1 and The Vapor Chronicles. It features new drip tip design, which is made of fairly thick resin for comfortable touch on lips. With the tongue & groove top cap and perfected eliquid delivery system, it solve..
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The new Wotofo profile unity RTA drip tip which is still made of resin kept the 810 connection standard for custom replacement if you prefer your own. It is nearly 2 times thicker than the one for the Profile RDA, but the center passage is smaller and has a gradual reduction in diameter downwards. T..
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Glass Tube for Wotofo Profile Unity RTABrand: WotofoUnit: 1 SetCapacity: 3.5ml/5mlPackage: Simple PackingShipping method:Please check here for details.Save Money Instructions: 1.Get discount coupon codes before completing the order. 2.Save shipping fee, learn more about our Free Shipping Program. 3...
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